Capital and Beach 5/5 (1)

We will give you a tour of the capital Basseterre where you will see some historical sites like; the National Museum, Berkely Memorial Square, Independence Square and some of our churches from the 18th centuries.

Then take you along the sugar cane path to frigate main road here is where you can get a view of the Marriott St. Kitts, one of the biggest hotel and casino in the Caribbean. We will then visit timothy hill which will give you a view of the south east peninsula. This is where you can see the Atlantic on the left and the Caribbean Sea on the right with a narrow strip that divides them.

Onward to the beach where you will spend the rest of the day at our beautiful Caribbean side beach with the water sport and some good Caribbean food. Then take you back to the capital to do some shopping before heading back to the ship. We will visit the following sights on this tour.

  • The Pelican Shoppung Mall
  • The General Post Office
  • The Old Treasury building now a National Museum
  • The Circus
  • The Independence Square
  • The Court House
  • The Catholic House, Cathedral and High School
  • The Police Force Head Quarters
  • St. Georges Anglican Church
  • Masses House, Church Street
  • The Federal Administration Building
  • The mini-bus and Ferry Terminals
  • The Public Market
  • Irish Town
  • The War Memorial

After the driving through the capital city of Basseterre to Camps Area you can chose beach option one or two with stop on Timothy Hill for photos or to Cokershell Beach.  Please note there are two different beaches to choose from Cockleshell and Friars Bay.


OPTION 1:  Friars Bay stop on Timothy Hill

Cost: $USD25 Carambola Beach Club

Duration: 4hrs


OPTION 2: Cockershell with better view of sister island Nevis

Cost: $USD30

Duration: 4hrs


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