Rainforest Tour 5/5 (1)

This is our main Featured Tour , leaving the Capital and travels West to the Rainforest at Wingfield Mountain, Old Road. Join us and explore a Caribbean rainforest home to exotic bamboos, ferns, palms and elephant ears. Sink your teeth into fresh fruit along the way. Discover a rainforest very much alive–and home to caterpillars, colorful lizards and dazzling butterflies. As you explore the lush Wingfield River Valley, you will hear the screech of monkeys and the lilt of birdsong in serene, undisturbed surroundings.

As your rainforest tour continues underneath the rainforest canopy, you will find many trails for exploration, each twisting past tropical plants and flowers and the dazzling river. Discover Caribbean nature at its most amazing on this highly rated excursion.



Duration: 3hours

Option with Beach: 6hours

Option 1: Rainforest only – $USD45

Option 2: Rain Forest Beach – $USD55

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