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Discover a mysterious world of mountain forest during this up-close exploration of beautiful St. Kitts.


Hike to Souffa Stone and enjoy a beach break at Frigate Bay Beach.

See a rainforest alive with a blend of plants, animals and farmland. Sample some of the local seasonal fruits such as mango, guava, banana, coconut, papaya, sour sap and sugar cane.  Enjoy the highland views (1200 feet above sea level) of the capital city of Basseterre, surrounding mountains and your ship in port.

This up close exploration is a photographer’s and nature lover’s paradise. Light refreshments of local juices, beer, and water are provided at the end of the hike.

This tour will take you to the Mountain Height view of Basseterre via Victoria Road to Gillard Gas Station, Ceader Grove.



Option 1: Souffa Stone – Mountain View Hike – $USD45

Option 2: Souffa Stone Mountain View Hike and Beach – $USD55


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