Caribelle Batik, Romney Mannor

Brimestone Hill Fortress National Park

South Friars Bay Beach

The Circus, Basseterre

Porte, Zante

Rain Forest Tour

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"Sugar Land Tours caters for both private and groups. Our easy and convenient pick up locations are at Island Cruise Port/Port Zante and the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport.  We promise an unforgettable vacation memory! Let's get started today!"

Latest Trip Advisor Reviews!

    • Ian with Sugar Land Tours was fabulous. Picked us up at the port as he stated (note, it's a bit confusing at the port finding your tour guide sometimes but everyone was super nice. A different Tour guide actually phoned Ian for us when ...

      Beach & Island Tour!

    • We walked onto the dock of St Kitts and met Ian ( The Lion King) right away. I think he should market himself a little better because of all the competition on the dock. We almost missed him. A great price for the tour and he even waited ...

      The Lion King Rocks!

    • We walked off the ship to seek a taxi and were fortunate enough to get Ian of Loin King Taxi and Tours. He took us all the way around the island with many stops along the way. Ian knows this island like the back of his hand and you won't ...

      Ian is Your Man!

    • “Private tour” Our group of 4 had a great private tour with Ian when we docked. Since 2 of us had visited the island a few times several years ago, he customized our tour to suit our needs. A comfortable, large van and a very nice guy! GREG

      Private Tour

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